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  • web for mobile first
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  • social media content with an expiry date
  • influencer marketing
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A quality logo will tell customers you’re good at what you do.
Your logo is the first impression clients will have of your company.
A memorable logo is a valuable asset and can inspire customers to do business with you.

Branding - the voice of your company

Building a brand is about creating an experience for customers.
An effective brand strategy will give your company a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.
A good brand is one that customers will want to experience and connect with. This becomes associated with a level of credibility, quality, and satisfaction in the consumer’s mind.
Experience the brand stories below.

Lake House Branding
Sensational Snow Branding
Selwyn District Council Branding
Brochures are a dependable sales tool. Some customers still perfer a hard copy.
A well-designed brochure acts as a road-map for presentations, walking a client through a proven presentation, point by point, providing vital sales support.
Corkin Branding

Email | direct mail

Is most effective when customers are linked with custom tailored offers on a one-to-one basis via mail or email using a specific call to action. Don’t be afraid to use deadlines here, they can be helpful here in securing sales.
In the US, direct mail advertising is the largest single advertising medium totaling over $50 billion per year.


80% of people search for local businesses online

If you're not online, you're not existing in today's market place.
Big impact doesn’t have to mean big budget when it comes to the web.
It’s about being relevant, consistent and accessible.

76% of people research products online before buying. Be part of that

64% of website visits
come from mobile devices
This trend is only expected to rise.
36% of customers compare prices online or look up information while in a store using their phones

Social Media

Is all about having a conversation with your customer.
Building loyalty. It’s word of mouth.
It will boost web traffic. It's targeted advertising.


Magazine and

Are where customers go for information, ideas and inspiration
  • We are seeing more magazines on the market than ever before including free magazines and papers.
  • Advertising in this channel offers the ability to reach specific audiences and target different niches.
  • These publications are credible which means you are aligning your brand with a credable sorce, readers trust magazine and newspaper information.

Social media

Email is an excellent way to proposition existing or potential customers.
Interesting mail titles will separate advertisements from the clutter. Personalised advertising is ideal for establishing customer exclusivity. Customers can be sent selected offers and promotions related to their previous buying behaviour. This is effective because it allows organisations to build loyalty and makes the customer feel like they are special. Country road do this really well.
Build a database
A list of customers and customer’s details should be a priority.

Make the most
of signage


Don't miss the opportunity
Storefronts and sandwich boards are an easy way to entice potential customers.
  • A car can be a moving billboard for your company.
  • Fence signs allow potential clients to see first hand the level of service you provide and who is choosing to use your service.
  • This is extremely valuable for trades.
  • Showcase current deals. Tell a story about your business. Keep it current and interesting. Signage doesn’t have to be static and it can be very cost effective advertising.

60 seconds with Alex

Following a predominantly international design job at G.L Bowron, I launched my own Design agency in 2004. Selwyn District Council was my key client for 10 years. Selwyn is the fastest growing district in New Zealand. I was a key player in developing the Sensational Selwyn advertising campaign.

My work with Corkin and the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic was an extention of my interest in fashion and beauty It really didn’t feel like work.

I have been honored to work with many clever entrepreneurs on business startups. Its probably the most exciting aspect of my work.

I am social media savy
I can write engaging content and
design all your marketing material.

I’ve workied in political and private rebranding

I have experience in textiles

I am collaberative and a good comunicator.
I love to have fun

I work within budgets on time.

Alex challenged my thinking and helped me focus on key aspects of my campaign. She became more of a friend than a paid consultant. Her assistance and advice was an important factor in the success of these campaigns.

Kelvin Coe - Mayor of Selwyn District 2007 - 2016

my passions
Interior design, interior architecture, hill running, painting large abstracts, food and wine, politics, laughing with my friends, hanging out with my teenagers, renovating my beautiful home with my very clever husband Dan.
G.L. Bowron & Co. Ltd
2-12 Long St,
Christchurch, 8002

To Whom It May Concern;

Alex Rutherford has worked in the Marketing Department or G.L Bowron & Co Ltd tor six years as Advertising and Design Coordinator. In this role Alex has been responsible for providing all in-house advertising, promotional materials, packaging, merchandising and web design to the department and for its subsequent production by outside contractors.

G.L. Bowron & Co Ltd markets a range of consumer ready and industrial products to countries in Australasia, North America, Europe and Asia. Alex was required to fulfill briefs given to her from all of these markets, each of which required a different look and feel. She has achieved this without compromising our brand positioning and in spite of the fact that she was generally having to source market information at second hand.

She has been responsible tor meeting deadlines, working within cost budgets and achieving required quality standards in a pressured environment that was driven by customer demands from offshore. She has been able to manage multiple projects at one time and made sure that she has achieved the required results.

An important part of her work has been the preparation of trade fair stands. Bowron use international trade fairs in North America and Europe as an important part of our market penetration strategy. It is essential at these events that our stand is differentiated from our competitors, many at whom are global brand names with access to large resources. Alex was successful in coming up with eye-catching designs every year, finding ways of constructing these in New Zealand for easy assembly offshore, and on a budget that could only be described as a shoestring

Perhaps Alex’s most Important work has been the photo shoots that she has managed tor us. Our consumer ready products are primarily home furnishings and are sold to overseas buyers of large chain stores. We have to convince them that our products fit into the particular home decoration story being told by the their store at any particular time. Alex has positioned our products in appropriate settings, created the necessary mood and ensured a high quality of photography. The results have provided our offshore sales teams with promotional tools and in-store product support that have enabled them to convince targeted buyers at international store groups to purchase our products.

Alex’s most valuable asset however is her personality. She has always kept her sense of humour under pressure and helped others to do likewise. In this respect, her laughter alone has perhaps been the most significant contribution that she has made to the marketing team over the last six years. We will certainly miss her.

I wish her well and recommend her to any future employer.

Yours truly.

Marketing Manager
G.L. Bowron & Co Ltd.
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